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                       The Directorate of Prisons and Correctional Administration is guided by the motto of “Custody, Care and Rehabilitation” of the inmates in the various prisons in the State of Himachal Pradesh.
                                    At present there are 17 prisons of different categories in the State including 02 Central Jails, 10 District Jails, 01 Open Air Jail 01 Borstal Jail to lodge young offenders and 03 Sub Jails. Taking the motto of care and rehabilitation work forward we are proud to have provided 01 Barrack in each of the Model Central Jails at Kanda and Nahan and Districts Jails at Dharamshala,Chamba, Solan and Mandi to provide Open Air Jail facility to the eligible inmates
                                        Against a capacity of 2007 inmates, we are accommodating 2338 inmates in our prisons.

                                       We are committed to provide safe custody to all our inmates and have also embarked upon a number of schemes to improve infrastructure, living environment, wage earning schemes, skill development and lot of other vocational, spiritual, cultural and educational activities. The inmates are encouraged to pursue programmes offered by the National Open School and Indira Gandhi National Open School.

                                       The Directorate of Prisons and Correctional Administration has been experiencing winds of modernization with installation of e-Peshi and e-Prisons Softwares and facility of Video Conferencing not only between the Headquarters and Prisons but also between relatives and inmates. The e-Peshi system has considerably reduced logistic requirement of safe transportation of the undertrial inmates from the prisons to the courts and vice-versa.

                                       In 2016, I initiated a wage earning scheme “Har Hath KoKaam” which has brought out remarkable improvement in the earning of wages by the inmates from a meagre earning of ` 5.00 Lakh as wages till 2015, in FY 2017-18 the inmates earned wages to the tune of more than ` 01.00 Crore.

                                       The inmates are engaged in a lot of productive activities and their products like the bakery items, woven items like shawls, stoles, carpets, blankets and other handicraft items are much appreciated by the general public during various fairs where special stalls of the products are a huge draw.

                                      I alongwith all officers and staff of the Directorate are committed to provide a healthy environment to the inmates in our prisons

                                                                                                                                                                                           Somesh Goyal IPS
                                                                                                                                                                                           Director General of Prisons
                                                                                                                                                                                           Himachal Pradesh
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