Mission, Vision & Objectives

Our Mission is to provide SAFE, SECURE, CARING and HUMANE environment to inmates whether undertrial or convicted. Our mission is also to ensure effective parole supervision and to provide vocational training to all inmates for rehabilitation and proper reintegration as responsible citizens upon their re-entry into the community.
Our Vision is to achieve excellence in our responsibilities in providing Safe Custody, Care and Rehabilitation to the inmates so that the prisoners and public are proud of the services received by them.
- To provide safe custody to inmates.
- To provide healthy environment to inmates.
- To provide life enriching programmes including spiritual, vocational and recreational activities to inmates.
- To assist every inmate in preparing for their smooth return to the community.
- To maintain high standard of professionalism, discipline and motivation eschewing violence by the members of the Directorate of Prisons and Correctional Services.
- To leverage technology to make administration of Correctional Services more efficient.
- To seek cooperation of the society and Industry for better service delivery.