Statuary Documents

1. History Tickets of the convicted prisoners.
2. Conviction warrant.
3. Commitment warrant of undertrial prisoners.
4. Medical Reports of prisoners.
5. Personal files of prisoners.
6. Record of parole.
7. Record pertaining to the confinement of prisoners.
8. Register of under trial prisoners admitted.
9. Register of convicted prisoners.
10.Register of Civil Prisoners.
11.Register of release of convicts.
12.Register of punishment inflicted for prison offences.
13.Register of remarks of visitors.
14.Register of visitors.
15.Medical Officer’s Journal.
16.Superintendent’s Journal.
17.Factory Manager’s report book.
18.Hospital Register.
19.Lock-up Register of prisoners.
20.Register of entry and exit.
21.Register of entry and exit of prisoners.
22.Register of articles passing in and out of the gate.
23.General cash-book.
24.Cash Ledger.
25.Diary of termination of prison punishment.
26.Alphabetical Register of convicted prisoners.
27.General abstract of prisoners in the Jail(Block Wise).
28.Labour Distribution Register.
29.Letters received.
30.Register of letters dispatched.
31.Warders service Register.
32.Warders clothing Register.
33.Watchman’s control Register.
34.Register of work target/practice.
35.Daily Register of patients dieted on medical advice.
36.Daily Register of grains.
37.Daily store & milk account Register.
38.Daily Register of prisoners dieted.
39.Clothing stores-stock book.
40.Diary and cattle Registers, A, B, C, and D.
41.Inventory of miscellaneous property, movable/immovable.
42.Ammunition Registers.
43.Manufactory cash-book.
44.Register of manufactory contingencies.
45.Register of receipt and issue of raw materials.
46.Stock Register of raw materials.
47.Register showing raw materials in process of manufacture.
48.Stock Register of manufactured articles.
49.Stores and Sales Book of manufactured articles.
50.Manufactory order-book.
51.Indexed Bill Book/Ledger.
52.Register showing outstanding balances.
53.Stock Register of materials for maintenance.
54.Cash book (Manufactory).
55.Ledger (Manufactory).
56.Sales Day Book.
57.Purchase Day Book.
58.Journal (Manufactory).
59.Block Register.
60.Purchase Order Book.
61.Register of Daily Receipts.
62.Register of Daily Issues.
63.Store Ledger.
64.Register showing names of prisoners working in and out of Jail.
65.Garden Register.
66.Warders Day Duty Register.
67.Warder Night Duty Register.
68.Night Report Book.
69.Register of Convalescent Prisoners.
70.Register of out-patients.
71.Register of officer furniture.
72.Stock Register of forms etc.
73.Travelling allowance check Register.
74.Register showing expenditure on purchase of the medicines.